Why write?

How many reasons can you think of? Here are some to start us off…

1. Writing is good for your memory

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Research shows that writing using pen and paper helps build motor memory. Why? The brain triggers as you form letters with the pen and associate the letters with ideas. Your brain loves to grab at new ideas.

2. Writing helps you relax

Ever tried to fall asleep while your brain scrolls through your “things to do” list and the negatives of the day? Add a 2 minute write down to your pre sleep wind down routine. Keep a notebook and pen next to your bed for this.

What if you are feeling down – or angry, or if you are depressed?

Make a note of your feelings – or write a letter to the cause of the feelings. It can really help to get perspective when you write. You can keep the writing – or  burn it later!

3. Can writing help you feel happier?

Experts differ in their views about Positive Psychology. But thinking actively and feeling thankful work for me. Again, using a nightstand notebook, I write down a message of thanks before sleeping. Maybe I had something major to be thankful for – perhaps a fantastic holiday experience. Or maybe something small – I had breakfast off my favourite plate. Or my cat curled up on my lap. Actively thinking about the positives, and looking at my list from time to time helps me to appreciate all that I have.

4. Improving relationships

It feels great to write and send messages on social media, giving instant connection and warmth. A written card or message received from a loved one helps us to feel valued and to know we are in someone’s thoughts.

5. Becoming a better writer

Do this by actively writing with a reader and a communicative purpose in mind. Think about organisation, grammar and vocabulary variety. If you would like to become more confident, why not write something for me? We can see how I can support you in getting your message just right.

Fran Traynor 😁



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  1. My name is Nattasan (Intermediate class). Teacher made me surprise when l know you are vegetarian because before I’ve been in the UK I was a monk for 20 days so I had to be a vegetarian and had a meal once a day I thought we could save a lot of animals life. I think I should do good thing to help some underprivileged if I can.



  2. Hello fren I m manita
    I like you teacher Fren bcoz you give a homework to us . It help to practise .
    And my broblem is listening i think many student have too i would like you to teach in listening more


    1. Hi Manita, I am very happy to be your teacher! I know you will work hard and I will help as much as I can. Listening can be tricky it is true – let’s try some more tomorrow – Fran :0)


  3. Hi fran i am abdulatif
    For the homework I don’t have the book so I can’t do it today I think


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