Tide Whisperer

Tenby September 15 2018


When I was a child we went to Tenby every summer. We camped. We played in the sand, we had ice cream for breakfast and ate chips for every other meal. It also rained every day. But we didn’t care. We put on our coats and carried on. We loved it. But everything changed.

One year we stopped. We became too old for ice cream and soggy games. We had friends to see and more exciting places to explore. It was 1979 and high school lay ahead. Long lazy summers disappeared and school work and Saturday jobs took over.


So returning last weekend was rather exciting. I didn’t camp – but stayed in a traditional guest house. I ate chips for every meal and walked on the beach. I am happy to say that not much has changed after all these years. It still rains and it is still beautiful.


On Saturday there was a National Theatre of Wales production – ‘The Tide Whisperer’. It was amazing. The audience wore headphones and we followed the actors to different locations where we watched each scene. The stories were so tragic. Stories of people having to leave their homes and travel across the sea to make new lives in new countries. We tried to understand from their different perspectives.

We were given headphones and divided into colour groups.


We walked in our groups to the beach.received_259963704851508The actors played their parts as we watched and listened.received_238335213518499Finally all of the groups converged at the water’s edge.received_551537621933238We were asked to consider these questions:

What if it was me? What if I had to leave my home, my family and my country?

What if it happened here?

How would I feel?

What would I do?

Where would I go?

How can I take responsibility and do something to change the situation?

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    1. When I was a child we went to Abha south east of Saudi Arabia every summer. We used to live my family house . We used to play in the mountains and lake , we used to have Frisch milk and bread for breakfast and used to eat meet for every other meal. It also rained every day.We loved it. But everything changed.

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