Learning and Earning in Portugal

In any inquisitive mind, there are at least 5 basic questions. Here are some answers…


Who would want to have a complete life change age 51 and 3/4 by moving to Portugal? Me.



It’s time to learn and earn again – by expanding my repertoire to include even more online work. I feel very excited about this new chapter! I’ll sometimes be teaching and training face to face, sometimes online, sometimes writing teaching materials and sometimes writing marketing content.


Where am I?

Good question! Physically I am about 70% in the UK and 30% in The Algarve in Portugal. Professionally I am 20 % face to face and 80% digital. Healthwise I am as good as I can be and mentally I am happy. So all in all I am in a rather good place!


The idea to work digitally in the future actually came to me a really long time ago – when I lived in Australia. At that time the technology didn’t exist in the way it does now, but I decided to learn as much as I could to equip myself for a future life like this one. I studied and worked to understand the emerging tools, technologies and possibilities.


I didn’t know back then that I would head to Portugal – I just knew that I didn’t want to be 100% in a traditional work environment. I love variety and change. I love learning. I love travel and I love my friends and family. Living in The Algarve will give me the best chance of doing the things I love as well as seeing the people I love. Also the weather is super, the lifestyle is simple and I live next to orange orchards and pomegranate groves.


How did I get here?

I planned and worked and saved and tried and tried for years and years and years. So nobody dare tell me how lucky I am! Literally, Simon Reid sold the UK place, Carlos Borges at Remax helped find a new place in Portugal, I flew here on Ryan Air, Algarve Express collected belongings from the UK and delivered them to Portugal. But really I got here because my husband, friends and family supported me all the way. OK so you can tell me how lucky I am after all.

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With an MA, specialist qualifications from Cambridge University English and 25 years' teaching experience in Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA, I am here to help. My students study with me for exams - IELTS, FCE, CAE or simply conversation. I also help teachers preparing for online and face to face TEFL careers or CELTA.