What do 21st Century teachers need to succeed?

A training colleague asked me,

‘ what training do new ESL teachers need for the modern classroom?’

I would say that the choice for every class depends on the students, their goals, needs and interests.

I am a teacher with many years’ face to face and online learning experience.

In face to face class I use traditional methods together with free online tools and games like Kahoot, Quizlet and Socrative – students access these on their phones. I also recommend Grammarly and Padlet for sharing projects.

My class has a Whatsapp group which students can opt to join when they wish to share resources and communicate online. I encourage students to research and share language apps in class too.

My classroom has a Smartboard which has interactive digital activities. In the computer room students use digital lessons too – The British Council has a wealth of these.

For some groups I help them to set up collaborative blogs and wikis.

I also teach online using platforms such as Zoom and Skype, using interactive activities and techniques to enable students to communicate in the online space.

Based on my 18 years of 21st Century TESOL experience, I have developed ’21st Century TESOL’ –

a range of modules for new and updating teachers wishing to understand about what is needed in various roles-

Each module is online and hands on – taking around 6 hours to complete. Each module is £27.50 – with a discount for participants completing more than three modules. Specialisations include:

21st Century TESOL Online and Blended Learning

21st Century TESOL IELTS

21st Century TESOL Teaching Young Learners

21st Century TESOL Teaching Business English

21st Century TESOL Teaching Private lessons

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If you have questions or suggestions, please contact TESOLFran@gmail.com 🙂

TESOLFran is a Cambridge CELTA Trainer and Assessor with an MA in Elearning and 25 years’ experience in TESOL, teacher training, management and course design.

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With an MA, specialist qualifications from Cambridge University English and 25 years' teaching experience in Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA, I am here to help. My students study with me for exams - IELTS, FCE, CAE or simply conversation. I also help teachers preparing for online and face to face TEFL careers or CELTA.