Boots for the end of the world

Last night I had a nice glass of Bailey’s for a nightcap. And this is where I think the problem began. Before getting into my comfy bed, I looked out of the window to check that the world outside was as it should be. Which it was.

And so to bed. And the most horrendous end of the world nightmare possible. As there had been a terrible but unexplained disaster, I had to live in my car. Why did everyone else who survived still live in their cosy flats and houses, while I had to live in my car? And why was my car parked outside the house where I grew up? And why didn’t I just go inside and hang out with my family who were all inside? Who knows? But I didn’t. Instead I plotted and schemed for a way to get inside secretly and rescue my most important possession. All night.

And what possession did I want to rescue? My slippers. That’s it. They are great slippers – knee length Uggs. But seriously? When I finally woke up, I wondered why I hadn’t rescued something more important.  If I had the chance again, I’d rescue my passport. What would you rescue?

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